BRICS Festival – Brazil International Cinema, Screenplay and Film Festival

BRICS Festival was created to be the largest film, screenplay and film festival in Latin America, with the aim of recognizing and awarding the greatest number of screenwriters and emerging filmmakers.

BRICS Festival holds official monthly selections and an annual awards ceremony in January, 2018.

If you are a screenwriter or filmmaker who seeks recognition for your work and wants to produce your screenplay, BRICS Festival is the opportunity you hoped for, we intend to co-produce good projects around the world, join us.

Celebrating Short Films, Features, Television and New Media worldwide, our mission is to support Filmmakers, recognize their hard work, Award them so they are inspired to keep telling amazing stories.

BRICS Festival is a monthly Cinema, Screenplay and Film Festival with yearly LIVE Audience.

All the winners will be invited to walk the Red Carpet, do interviews with the medias, network with Filmmakers from Hollywood.

Each monthly “Best Picture” winner gets BRICS Trophy – Goddess Kuan Yin during our Live Audience Screening and Award ceremony held on January , 2018.

Our entries do not compete against each other.

Our Programming Department will choose films to be screened at the festival from the pool of winning films throughout the year.

Not all winning films throughout the year will be screened.

Each film has to be submitted to at least one genre to qualify for additional technical categories.

Films entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards.

Check out or list of technical categories.

The films are judged and scored on the quality of the project.

All films who qualifies will be accepted and notified only via FilmFreeway and a follow up Email by BRICS containing an official selection logo attached.  Then the entries will be processed for Judging.

Awards & Prizes

For Films…

1. One “Best Picture” ever month receives BRICS Trophy during our Award ceremony held on January, 2018.

2. Award of Recognition, in different Genres and categories.

3. Or No Award.

For Screenplay…

Semi Finalist, Finalist, 1st Place Winner, 2nd Place Winner, 3rd Place winner.

The number of awards given every month varies on the basis of the submission we receive.

Each winner will be contacted and send the winner Laurels and Award certificate.

Winning films are announced on our website and our social media page.

We will have…

  1.  One Best of the Fest “Best Picture” ever month.
  2.  Award of Recognition in different Genres and categories.
  3.  Or No Award.

Each winner will be contacted to send the Laurels and Award certificate.

Winners will also be announced on our social media page.

Rules & Eligibility

  1. Short films must be under 40 minutes and  Features should be at least 40 mins or more.
  2. All foreign Submissions  must be subtitled.
  3. One film can be entered in multiple categories.
  4. Online screeners, and posters are mandatory and must be uploaded in FilmFreeway’s site.
  5. BRICS Festival does not download your film or make it available online.

We believe every department works hard in making a film, hence, we have many categories (58).


Feature Film
Feature Film (Drama)
Feature Film (Comedy/Dramedy)
Feature Film (Action/Thriller)
Feature Film (Horror)
Feature Film (SCI-FI)
Documentary Feature
Feature Film (Animation)
Feature Film (LGBT)
Director (Feature Film)
Producer (Feature Film)
Best Actor Male (Feature)
Best Actress Female (Feature)
Supporting Actor (Feature)
Supporting Actress (Feature)
Actress Under 18
Actor Under 18
Cinematography (Feature)
Ensemble Cast
Editing (Feature)
Sound Design (Feature)
Music score (Feature)
Production Design (Feature)
Costumes (Feature)
Makeup (Feature)
Visual Effects (Feature)
Cinematography (Feature)
Women Filmmakers
Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

Short Film
Director (Short/Series)
Producer (Short/Series)
Editing (Short/Series)
Cinematography (Short/Series)
Sound Design (Short)
Music score (Short)
Production Design (Short)
Costumes (Short)
Makeup (Short)
Visual Effects (Short)
Women Filmmakers (Short/Series)
Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Music Video
Director (Music Video)
Producer (Music Video)
Editing (Music Video)
Cinematography (Music Video)
Screenplay Feature
Screenplay Feature Film (Drama)
Screenplay Feature Film (Comedy/Dramedy)
Screenplay Feature Film (Action/Thriller)
Screenplay Feature Film (Horror)
Screenplay Feature Film (SCI-FI)
Screenplay Short
Screenplay Short Film (Drama)
Screenplay Short Film (Comedy/Dramedy)
Screenplay Short Film (Action/Thriller)
Screenplay Short Film (Horror)
Screenplay Short Film (SCI-FI)